Investment Philosophy

Investment Objective

Understanding your financial objectives is the first step towards building a suitable portfolio. We work with our clients to determine their financial objectives and accordingly guide them on distribution of various financial products.

Asset Allocation

Once the Investment Objective is defined, the asset allocation process requires to distribute money across various financial products in line with the risk policy measures and the objective is to obtain optimum returns while controlling the portfolio risk. The asset allocation is a dynamic process and one needs to review in line with changes in macroeconomic environment and individual’s changes in financial objectives.

Fund Manager Selection

This involves selection of best fund managers on the basis a combination of individual managers skill, investment strategies, financial institution credibility and individual securities within the overall asset allocation framework laid out in line with their stated unique investment objectives

Portfolio Construction

Construction of Portfolio is done on the basis of investment objective, overall asset allocation framework and selection of various financial products. The Portfolio requires constant monitoring in line with changes in the various aspects of financial world.

Online Investment Execution

We have NSE (India’s largest stock exchange) as our online partner through their NSE Mutual Fund platform enabling fast, accurate & seamless execution of investments in mutual funds.

Portfolio Reporting

We provide Portfolio Reporting through our software vendor wherein we send portfolio statements on a monthly basis. We also provide customised portfolios based on the requirement of the investors.

Tax Reporting

We send complete details on the tax computation on all funds and the overall tax liability for the respective financial year.