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Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are professionally managed pools of money from investors with similar investment objectives. We are distributing partners of various mutual fund companies.

Fixed Income

We have tie up with companies for distribution of various financial products under Fixed Income. Some of the products are

A.Tax Free Bonds

Tax Free bonds are issued by government and public sector companies, state owned companies which offers fixed rate of interest. As the name suggests, the interest on these bonds are tax free. These bonds are generally offered for 10/15/20 years and the coupon is fixed. These bonds come in form of primary issue and secondary market which is traded in the open market, though it may not be traded heavily.

B.Corporate FD's

These are deposits placed by investors with companies for a fixed term a prescribed rate of interest. These deposits are also accepted by Financial Institutions and on-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs). These are unsecured deposits and

C.Non-Convertible Debentures

Non-Convertible bonds are unsecured bonds that cannot be converted to company equity or stock. Nonconvertible debentures usually have higher interest rates and can be traded on stock exchange

D.Capital Gain Bonds

Capital Gain bonds are investment made to save any long term capital gain arising from sale/transfer of any capital asset. These bonds are exempt from tax under section 54EC subject to the following conditions being met

Other Products

  • Portfolio Management Services
  • Alternate Investment Funds
  • Structured Notes
  • Long Short Funds