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We follow a 4 step financial planning process which helps us better understand your financial world and thus help us in construct of for best suited portfolio for you.

Research Methodology

The creation of an investment portfolio best suited to your needs arises from deep research and understanding of the various products available. You may have a fair idea of which asset classes and product types interest you, but you will need to further choose from various schemes under each product type and then execute them

  • Fund House Selection – We will eliminate mutual fund companies which do not have credible history background, sufficient assets under control and fund managers track record is not proven. We would also avoid mutual fund companies which have very aggressive approach and are very volatile or do not have strong corporate ethics.
  • Risk & Return Measurement – Out of the selected fund house, we measure all schemes under various categories across at least 3 years. We measure the return delivered across schemes and in measure them with the risk undertaken. The same is measured by calculations of various ratio's. For e.g. if Fund A & B are giving the same returns and Fund A is taking lower risk, then we will recommend Fund A over Fund B
  • Return comparison with benchmark – We compare the performance of the funds with the benchmark and measure the outperformance across various period of time
  • Portfolio Construction – We see the sectoral composition of the funds along with the stock selection and decide to recommend a fund or not on the basis the future outlook of the portfolio. We also speak with the fund managers and try to understand their outlook on various sectors and accordingly base our recommendation
  • Other Factors – Fund Manager Track Record, Expense Ratio, Assets Under management, Share Ratio, Past Performance etc

Research Presentation

The Research Presentation from our dedicated research desk gives you a monthly overview of the Indian markets as well as global markets and brings to you the current market scenario, equity and debt market roundup, market outlook, recommended stocks and mutual funds, and Investment Strategy across various asset classes.Click here to see sample copy

Recommendation List

We come up with our recommendation list across all asset class / categories of investment. The recommended mutual fund will be across all categories such as Debt – Liquid, Accrual, Income – Short / Medium / Long Term, Debt Hybrid, Balanced, Equity (Large cap, Flexi Cap, Mid Cap), Sectoral, Index.

The recommendation will also spread across other products like Direct Equity, PMS, Structured Products, Private Equity and other products

These recommendations will be shared on monthly basis